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Little Scholars

Little Scholars

We believe--like you--that our little ones are a bundle of joy and potential. Parents and caregivers are telling us they want to help their child get off to the greatest start ever. Little Scholars can help you maximize your child’s potential and help them grow smarter (or get off to a great start).


If you are a parent of a young child (ages 0-5) and live in Kent County, we invite you to participate.  This program will help parents learn and reinforce the important techniques for strengthening growth, child development, and learning in your infant, toddler, or preschool child.   Parent coaching is delivered weekly over an 11 week period, by phone, zoom meeting, at your home, or in a convenient location.  You will be learning about techniques like: labeling, maintaining, shared-book reading, etc.  While participating in this program, you will receive children’s books, developmental toys and other incentives.

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Little Scholars

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Ready By Five

Partial funding for this program was made possible because of the generosity of Kent County taxpayers and the voter approved Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage.  Donations are appreciated.




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