Child Care Stabilization Grant: & Reporting Requirements


Child care providers are HEROES!  The Michigan Department of Education announced there are funds available to you to help keep your doors open and focus on what matters most - supporting kids and families. 


If you need assistance, please call or email your CACFP Specialist

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Summer Child Care Stabilization Grant Applications are now closed!


Before you apply, we strongly encourage you to review the FAQ and the Allowable Expenses documents provided by the State of Michigan.

Visit to read more about the grant and review frequently asked questions. We will also be posting a grant calculator so you can estimate your grant award.


Tom Copeland is an excellent source for details on how to spend and report the Child Care Stabilization grants.  Here are a couple of webinars that may be helpful.

Tips To Prepare To Submit an Application:

  • Update your profile in Great Start to Quality here 

  • Get A Sigma Number (if you don't already have one) Visit

  • Complete your report for the Fall Child Care Stabilization Grant

  • Organize the information you need to apply: # of children enrolled by age in your program, the number of full & part time staff, and an estimate of your operational budget.

  • Preview the Application: Application Preview

  • Stabilization Grant information, FAQ's, webinar log in and updates are here:  Child Care Stabilization Grant

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Fall Grant Reporting Requirements:  Fall Grant Funds were distributed early 2022

The Michigan Department of Education is pleased to announce that the reporting templates for the Child Care Stabilization Grant are now available in your Great Start to Quality profile.  Additional information, FAQ's and report specifics can be found here (scroll down the State of Michigan's page for the details):,4615,7-140--570701--,00.html    

How can I spend these funds?

A good resource on allowable uses of funds are the documents posted on this website from First Children's Finance.

Child Care Stabilization Grant Tax Implication Information:

FAQ from MI Child Care Collaborative

Slides from MI Child Care Collaborative

FAQ from State of Michigan

Helpful Tools:

Calculate Your Grant Amount

Michigan's Child Care Stabilization Grant Information