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Creating Research and Innovative Models

Creating Research and Innovative Models

Community change and sector transformation are found at the intersection of:  innovation, personal mastery; and breakthrough systems change.  Key ingredients fueling community change start with the pursuit of new approaches to persistent and intractable problems, evolution of systems to new cutting-edge strategies and practices; and vibrant feedback and learning loops.  It is when we ponder anew in search of what eludes us that new insights, practices, opportunities, and paths are revealed.

Vibrant Futures is committed to strategically pondering anew.  We believe that there are strategic conversations that are waiting to take place and purposeful action waiting to happen. We are committed to rigorously pursuing the key principles of learning organizations--practicing disciplines of inquiry, suspending judgement, and journeying toward meaning-making.  You can count on us to push the boundaries on what we think we know to gain entrance into what is largely not well known with a willingness to discover what might be possible.  In this manner, Vibrant Futures will strive to discover new theories of change, new approaches, and more effective practices to the benefit of the constituents we’ve been entrusted to serve.

Change is possible.  Shifts are needed.  You can count on us to share what we are learning, reading, exploring, and discovering—in research and innovations—to achieve more equitable outcomes and vibrant futures for all.  Stayed tuned!




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