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Vibrant Futures

Vibrant Futures holds the vibrant promise of every child, youth, family, caregiver sacred to ensure vibrant futures for all.


Vibrant Futures aims to ensure more children and families from all walks of life achieve their full potential.


Vibrant Futures creates cradle-to-career opportunities and experiences that hold sacred the vibrant promise and potential in every child, youth, family, and caregiver to ensure more vibrant futures for all.

Shared Aspirational Values for Potential Rising

Vibrant Futures conveys shared beliefs and values for:

  1. communities in which all lives are valued and recognized as worthy;
  2. a state in which access to nutrition, quality care and education, and economic opportunity exists for all;
  3. a world of open pathways to future lives of vibrance, purpose, contribution, fulfillment, and love.


The origin of Vibrant Futures is in two legacy organizations: Kent Regional 4C and a national youth serving organization. After merging in 2015, the new organization continued to provide leadership, services, and education to advance quality care for children, programs for youth, and training for providers. In 2020, board and executive leaders worked together to retool and rename the organization for the decades ahead. The name Vibrant Futures captures our core principle: holding every child’s promise for the future sacred, so the future holds vibrant promise for every child.




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